Casual Games

Once you click play, a new window will open. You will need to sign up for an account on this website (or login to that site if you already have an account).

Then, after you complete the signup/login process, scroll to the top of the new window and click on the games tab. If you do not see the games tab, please increase your window size. You can play games to increase your leaderboard rank on that site to earn ZEC, and every coin within a game gives you FLR.

To earn extra, use the Daily Rewards button in the popup window and connect at least one social media account.

As long as you keep playing games, you will be able to claim in-game "storage" on XCH Faucet for every five minutes you play the games. Whenever a green banner appears at the top of the XCH Faucet window, click on it to claim the in-game "storage". This in-game "storage" can be used to "farm" extra Chia rewards, see more details on the Games tab of XCH Faucet.