XCH Faucet

We are the first-ever XCH faucet!

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Donation Address: xch1pkgwhqmeghcls5rgm90k8m65233s0ctm88htpc3p5snjjunx9rkqymjwwy

Reward Amount: 1,000,000 MOJO / 0.000001 XCH (Reward Doubled!!!)

Payment Time: Usually a few minutes, up to 3 days

Claim Time: 1 Claim per 24 Hours per IP Address per Wallet Address

Faucet Balance: 0.4688429448 XCH (464,201 Claims)

Total Claims: 546,415

Total Users: 133,877

If you have been lucky enough to win a block reward, please consider donating a portion of your block reward to the above donation address to redistribute your Chia to the rest of the community and bring hope to others.

Enter your wallet address here:

We recommend using the login feature to autofill your address.

After claiming, be sure to play the fun games to earn extra Chia! Now with DOUBLED REWARDS!!!