How long does it take to receive payments from the faucet?

Payments are usually processed within a few minutes, but they can take up to three days.

Why is my payment taking so long to process?

Our XCH payment gateway might be overloaded with a large number of pending payments, and it may take some time to get to your payment.

Why do you accept donations but still run advertisements?

We are running advertisements for long-term sustainability. We pay more than we receive from advertisements (meaning that we operate at a loss and do not profit), so the advertisements are only there to ensure that donations last longer and can support payments to more people. Additionally, since Chia is not yet traded on major exchanges, we cannot yet use the advertising revenue to purchase Chia, so we rely on donations for liquid funds that can immediately be used to pay users.

I love this project. How can I help support it?

Thanks so much for your interest! The best ways to support us are to donate, claim daily, and spread the word about the faucet.